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Garden View

We started our garden about 25 years ago to provide a backdrop for Jane’s bonsai collection. Since that time, not only has the bonsai collection grown, but also we have become avid plant collectors. We now have over 30 varieties of Japanese Maples, 200 varieties of hosta, a plethora of unusual, rare conifers, azaleas and a vast assortment of perennials—all packed into a ½ acre back yard. The plants are labeled for easy identification (and also so we remember their names). There are meandering paths with a surprise at every turn. We’ve heard some people refer to our garden as a mini arboretum!

As mentioned earlier, we have been plant collectors for many years. Interest in Bonsai started it all and from there came conifers, Japanese Maples, rock garden plants, azaleas, rhododendron, hosta, unusual perennials, and then -- we discovered daylilies.

It started very innocently back in 2004 when visiting friends who showed us some outstanding selections of daylilies. We were totally amazed at the vast amount of colors, shapes, and forms we saw. After all, the only daylilies we were acquainted with were the bright orange ones with medium size flowers, no fancy ruffles, no colorful eyes, just a solid orange color. Now, we have more daylilies than other plant varieties. Barry specializes in making crosses of the most recent introductions, and every year we are replacing older varieties with new purchases.

We have selections from renowned daylily growers like Emmerich, Gossard, Herr, Kendig, Lambertson, Owens, Petit, Stamile, Salter, Owen, Stadler, White, Davisson, Pierce,and Trimmer.

We grow our daylilies (along with bonsai, hosta, Japanese maples, native plants, conifers) right in our backyard in Pennsylvania which is zone 6. Our garden is an eclectic mixture of plants and many visitors are amazed at the multitude of plant varieties growing in our small residential lot---not much lawn to mow here.

Our garden also includes various water features. While visiting, one can stop by the Koi and gold fish ponds and relax while watching the koi beg for food and frogs sun themselves on the side of the ponds.

Although we are not a retail nursery and only sell plants via the internet, The Daylily Auction, or at a special Open Garden and plant sale event, we often host garden tours for local garden clubs and plant societies. We welcome inquiries to see our garden.

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